Supports the Backup of Latest DVD Movies

Black Panther

12 Strong

Deep Blue Sea 2

Bad Company

Suicide Squad

Sweet Virginia

DVD-Cloner V9.60

  • Supports latest movies.
  • Optimized the reading speed for DVD discs.
  • Optimized the burn module to support latest burners.

DVD-Cloner for Mac V3.20

  • Supports latest DVD movies.
  • Optimized the DVD reading engine for Mac OS, which makes faster conversion.

DVD-Cloner V9.50

  • Supports latest DVD movies.
  • Optimized the burn speed.
  • Supports more burners.

DVD-Cloner for Mac V3.10

  • Supports more latest DVD movies.
  • Improved reading speed to copy DVD more quickly.

DVD-Cloner V9.40

  • Supports more latest movies.
  • Improved burn module to get more stable burn.

DVD-Cloner V9.30

  • Improved the function of "Combine multiple DVDs to one BD-R/RE".
  • Improved the solution to searching for burners.
  • Supports latest DVD/Blu-ray movies.

DVD-Cloner for Mac V3.00

  • DVD-Cloner for Mac 3 plays a leading role in powerful functions and extremely high copy speed compared with other DVD copy software.
  • The latest version works quite well with the Mac OS with the enhanced burn engine.
  • Compresses one DVD-9 movie to DVD-5 with high image quality.
  • Burns one DVD-5 or DVD-9 movie from the hard disk to a DVD±R without any modification.
  • The inventive OET™ technology gives you the freedom to copy latest DVD movies.
  • Select to add the .dvdmedia suffix to the DVD folder on the hard disk before copying for convenient playback on the DVD player.
  • Sets the burn method as "E-SAO" which will burn only one session each time and suitable for DVD±R or "E-DAO" which will close down the disc after the burn.
  • Select one or more chapters to copy.
  • Select to keep menus when splitting a DVD-9 movie to two DVD-5 discs.
  • 20% higher burn speed.

DVD-Cloner V9.20

  • Enhanced the burn module, and improved the quality of burn.
  • Improved the efficiency of single-core CPUs under the Windows XP OS.
  • Supports more players.

DVD-Cloner V9.10

  • Enhanced the burn module, and improved the function of burn checking.
  • Adjusted the function of analyzing discs, and makes it more smooth to read DVDs under Windows 7 OS.

DVD-Cloner V9.00

  • Decrypts all the DVD protections such as Macrovision, AACS, CPPM, RC, RCE, APS, UOPs and RipGuard for you to bring the cinema home.
  • The optimized reading speed makes the DVD copying a great deal faster and more stable.
  • The fire-new one-click interface makes DVD copy as handy as a pocket in a shirt.
  • Supports for reading the movies of DVD format from hard disk by the enhanced function of "Combine two DVDs to one DVD±R DL".
  • Thoroughly solved the problem that the IFO files can't be read, which achieves true DVD copy.
  • The inventive OET™ enables you to copy latest DVD movies through the optimized core.
  • Copies the scratched DVD discs.
  • Supports for multi-core CPUs and makes the DVD copying speed far higher.
  • Downloads and captures online movies from the Internet with the free bonus Stream-Cloner Lite worth $39.99.
  • Get the free bonus Open DVD ripper Lite worth $29.99, making it possible to convert DVD movies to AVI, MPEG and SVCD formats.